Wednesday, February 1, 2012

8 year anniversaries.

eight years is a long time. or at least it's not a short time when it's a measurement of how long you've been dating someone and you're 31 (i don't think).

with all this change (or at least the anticipation of change), abe and i have been doing a lot of s-o-u-l searching. we search first thing in the morning when we wake up, while walking to the subway, while making dinner, during commercials breaks on the couch while watching late night tv.

the thing is, it's so easy in the day-to-day, especially with the fast-pace of the city, to get picked up by the whirlwind that is your (um, my) life. for me, that's being an attorney most days of the week, being (or trying to be) a consumer of all things new york (yep, the things that keep me glued to the city: following restaurant openings on grub street, the ballet at lincoln center, walking the hudson river). 

but sometimes, we have to stop 
and sort through our lives. organize and prioritize. 
figure out which things are our rocks (a move westward, a baby, a fast-track career in big law?), and letting the pebbles and sand fall where they may. 

right, i know. who measures life in pebbles and rocks? apparently the professors and students at columbia business school. ever since abe's retreat with CBS a few weeks ago, it seems like our discussions keep coming back to the same question: what things in life do we want to be our rocks? (and ultimately, how will the rest work itself out?)

our conversation on sunday to celebrate our 8-year anniversary was filled with exactly these questions. 

i don't have any answers for you. at least not yet.

but we did get to enjoy some delicious italian food while at it.  



  1. love this! You already have the biggest "rock" covered...each other. Now you just get to fill in around that. xoxo

  2. Am really enjoying mad + vine. Happy anniversary! The special part about sorting the rocks from the sand is that only the two of you can do it (together) and that's what makes it so wonderful. LAT