Tuesday, January 24, 2012

my newest valentine

it is not even february yet and i know the last thing everyone wants to see ALREADY is a bunch of stuff about valentine's day but bear with me on this one.  i love valentine's day.  call it campy and forced and commercial and superficial but, really, what is wrong with an extra chance to love on the ones you choose?  i'll take it.  

i was privy to a fantastic approach to valentine gifting as a child--my mom would find me something unexpected and useful that i wouldn't spring for myself. like cute pink camisoles or fun red and pink notebooks that were a joy to use everyday.  instead of flowers and candy and crazy dinners for two, these are the kind of valentine's gifts i cherish.

the first year we were married i made my husband a heart shaped cake (angel food, thank you) and fell into an unplanned tradition.  it is so satisfying to make for your valentine. of course, this perfectionist somehow forgets the stress of figuring out what to do until it's upon me. but unlike christmas and birthdays i've been able to keep this holiday relatively under control.  my husband always gets his cake and, let's be honest, by now i've got that recipe memorized. 

this year i'm going to break a bit from the making tradition and buy something for my BIG boy (he's two).  i think it is funny and he will love it and (bonus) it is on sale somewhere i have credit. one of my organizational goals of the new year is to use up the random credits i have from returning things...i'm pretty picky and that online ordering is dangerous!  if you promise not to tell, here it is:


hilarious, no?

so i get a notch for one unmade gift but it frees up more time for the gift i am most excited about this year--the one i am working on for my newest valentine.  she's lou to me (from missy-lou and lily-lou and all the other crazy nicknames that arrive out of nowhere and somehow always end in lou) and baby girl to her older brother. she arrived last summer and by this valentine's day she will be a whopping eight months old.

which is crazy.  

she has these adorable, smoochable cheeks that go for days and are constantly fighting the winter cold.  i decided to make her an appropriately cozy valentine's hat that will give her cheeks a break. 

it's a work in progress but one that will actually be done in time for february 14th.  which is something, i say.  and it will be useful and fun.  everyday.  at least for her mama...


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